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The Road To Success of Ron Simpson

Ron Simpson, owner of The Avocado Show (well-known restaurant in Amsterdam), the second one in Amsterdam has just opened up and even more restaurants in Europe are yet to come. DJ (GirlsLoveDJs), owner of 2 agencies (NightVision en 24K) and often appears in commercials for Red Bull or in podcasts for entrepreneurs.

What kind of fuckups and achievements have you experienced to become where you are right now?

I think most of my big achievements can be found online. And I also think that fuckups are way more interesting. The most important thing that I learned was to grow in vision and scale: both personally and in business, by experiencing those mistakes.

The biggest fuckup in my opinion is not always using my full potential. My biggest threat has always been discipline because I’m very good at living a good life and really enjoying myself. I’m an expert at entertaining myself. I’m very good at being distracted and finding the coolest places on earth to be distracted. I know my full potential. I know which talents I have. I know how hard I can work. I know what comes out of my team if I put in time, effort and attention; I never used to do that properly.

The way I dealt with it was by stopping my ego. I stopped working only for me and thinking the world centered around me. I stopped thinking I was more important than other people and that only my achievements counted. I changed into someone who was interested in other people’s stories, other people’s quests, in help, shared energy and co-creation. I truly found happiness in achieving even greater things together or watching someone express their talents genuinely. That unlocked a whole new potential that revealed everything to me.


How do you keep motivated and focused?

It’s important to work towards a big goal that is simple and easy for everyone to understand.
For The Avocado Show one of our goals is to become the most recognizable avocado brand in the world. It’s more of a mantra. We want to be the Chiquita of avocados in the future.

Do you have daily rituals that help you with discipline?

There’s a key difference for me between work ethic and discipline. I have amazing work ethic and can easily work 100 hours a week. But, for me, discipline is about being efficient. Knowing what you’re doing in the right amount of time instead of just being at work. Discipline is proper use of your tools and assets, such as time, people, and locations to get finished products and achieve your goals. Applying rules to your work forces a product into finishing itself. 

I take vibes and moods very seriously too. If I don’t feel creative or efficient, then I stop immediately and go do something else. 10% isn’t good enough. I need to feel it 100%. I don’t work if I don’t feel like it. I trust things will be allright once I do get in my zone. I always deliver work on deadline. Never missed once. But you need to know me, to know this. So I’m trying to learn more discipline regarding people who need timely updates. I think it’s a waste of time, but if it reassures others it might be worth it in the end. Learning simple truths like that is also part of unlocking my full potential. I cán do it, so why not.

How do you improve yourself?

Everything that I'm really good at and praised for comes so easy to me. A friend once told me I stayed close to my genius. I liked that saying. I don't need to work on it, it’s my natural talent. That's a luxury. There's no improving myself in that. The improvement is doing something I haven't done; trying to find the extra motivation or discipline to do it in a way that other people get more out of it.

I like to share thoughts and visions, with inspirational talks and being an international keynote speaker. It’s never a one-way street though, I need interaction and input when I share things. Because everything you say, you already know. Maybe you haven't said it out loud before, but you do know it. It comes from a place that you already consciously or subconsciously placed. So listening is way more interesting than talking, always! From this, I ensured I improved myself by starting to listen more.

I want to know what other people are saying, what they're thinking about, what they're feeling, what they're seeing, because all these things I don't know when I wake up each morning. That's how I grow.

How do you relate to fashion?

I have a degree in it. It's a brand, it’s communication, it's people; it's related to time, it needs to move, and it's fluid. It has cool things about it and it has extremes which I love.
I enjoy watching hideous fashion as much as I enjoy watching beautiful fashion. It just it's an art form it does something to me, it moves my spirit.

As a teenager I was aware that if you grab a brand name and put it on me as a billboard it made me feel like I was worth more. Ugh, ego. So, I used to dress expensively. Not necessarily stylish just expensive. After studying it made me question why I tried to make myself feel better by writing someone else's name on my body.

Then I went into a phase where clothing became more of a signal like which group do you belong to? I wanted something that was comfortable, still cool, but more artistic with a story behind it. Who made it? Why this fabric? What makes it special? I slowly let go of the labels and the logos.

Fashion went hand in hand with how I decorate my house, my office and what I want to represent. So now I wear exactly what I want, which is comfortable clothes in the colors that suit my mood, that nine out of ten times have a backstory. I love people who are extremely good in what they do. That goes for designers and brands too. Either I know the designer, or I know where it’s from or I bought it in a place that makes me feel happy. If I wear a brand, it’s because I have loved the brand for years. I know who designed it. I know who owns it. I know how long they have existed and where it comes from. I don’t just wear a brand to be cool.


I buy clothes because they’re beautifully designed, suit me, they’re my favorite color, and they’re comfortable so I can switch to almost any activity or setting during the day. That’s my relationship with fashion, it’s not about the expense.

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