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The sustainable collection is finally here. All products in this collection are produced with recycled materials.


The Green Stitch collection is our first sustainable collection. All the products within this line are produced by sustainable fabrics and fibers. In addition, a number of products in this collection are produced by eco-friendly materials. It is important to preserve our collection by maintaining the same quality and comfort. 
Our design team started the process like no other. Turning a drawing into a reality, only the choice of the fabrics went different, due to the limitation of colors and fibers. Beside the product we are also thinking about other ways to think about sustainability. We choose to transport through ferries or trucks instead of by plane due to the CO2 emissions. We also believe in a great work surrounding for employees within the mills we are working with. We only work with SA8000 certified suppliers. 

We started the collection with jackets and coats, but we will expand in more categories. The Green Stitch collection is our first step in de sustainable direction, but definitely not the last. We will continue improving The Green Stitch collection to share with the next generations. 

  1. 1211VG00030_3060_1.jpg
    Elray jacket with checked pattern Green
    As low as 149.98 Regular Price 299.95
  2. 1211VG00030_7060_1.jpg
    Elray jacket with checked pattern Blue
    As low as 149.98 Regular Price 299.95
  3. 1211VG00031_8260_1.jpg
    Zayn jacket with checked pattern Grey
    As low as 89.99 Regular Price 299.95
  4. 1211VG00032_7060_1.jpg
    Zayn jacket with checked pattern Blue
    As low as 124.98 Regular Price 249.95


Van Gils has teamed up with the Solar team of Eindhoven University of Technology for the 'The Green Stitch' collection. An official video has been made for this, in which Milan Carvalho is on the Van Gils e-bike. Something seems to be going wrong, but luckily the Stella Era is nearby.

Find out more about the Stella Era and the Solar team in the interview.

corporate responsibility

Van Gils has been a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) since 2009. This organization offers companies a code of conduct that supports them in their efforts to establish an ethical supply chain.

Some of the key concepts of BSCI:

  • Prohibition of child labor
  • Prohibition of forced labor and disciplinary measures
  • Compensation: minimum wage / living wage
  • Health and safety in the workplace. 
  • Freedom to set up an association and the right to bargain collectively
  • Prohibition of all forms of discrimination
  • Adoption of a policy against bribery and corruption

43% of the suppliers with whom Van Gils works are located in "non-risk countries"

Every year, the factories with which Van Gils works check whether the conditions meet the agreements. This is checked by independent parties and all information is shared with us. 

95% of Van Gils production takes place in BSCI approved factories.  

The future is green


In addition to responsible business and products with recycled material, we are also innovating in the production of our fabrics. We have been working with an RSL (restriced substances list) for some time to reduce harmful chemicals for people and the environment during the production process. At some factories, we go beyond European regulations. 

As an extra step towards responsible chemical management, van Gils has also drawn up an MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List). The MRSL specifies the maximum permissible concentration of chemicals in commercial chemicals for Van Gils. This MRSL is used by suppliers when purchasing chemical products. 

In addition, Van Gils also complies with a ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals). The ZDHC program consists of four main elements:

  • Removal or replacement of hazardous chemicals
  • Develop transparent processes with the aim of promoting safer substances
  • Develop good practice and training to improve chemical management
  • Develop partnerships with stakeholders to increase transparency about chemicals make management clear within organizations 
We love to renew


For Van Gils, the importance of animal welfare is paramount in selecting suppliers. Our manufacturers must ensure good living environments for the animals, breeding sheep, for example, must be done in an ethical manner. It is important for Van Gils that the suppliers are fully aware of the entire process, from farm to usable wire.

In addition, Van Gils strives for farmers to comply with the "5 fundamental freedoms of animal welfare":

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst: access to fresh water and thirst to maintain health and strength.
  • Freedom from discomfort: ensuring a suitable living environment, including shelter and a comfortable rest area
  • Freedom from pain, injury or illness
  • Freedom to express normal behavior
  • Freedom from fear and stress

From the spring / summer 2020 collection, the basic sweaters, cardigans and polos within Van Gils belong to The Green Stitch collection. The basic knitted clothing is the sheep's wool used on a non museling. In an alternative and animal-friendly way, it is ensured that the blowfly cannot settle. More information about museling? Read it here.

Also, within the total collection, no use is made of:

  • Angora
  • Down
  • Fur
  • Exotic skins such as snakeskin

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