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Treyspoke pants in plain dark blue

€ 129,95

Treyspoke pants in plain dark green

€ 149,95

Buck birdseye trousers in blue Mix & Match

Virgin wool
€ 129,95

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Men's Trousers

Men's Trousers

Are you looking for a pair of trousers? Van Gils has men's trousers made of wool and cotton in various colours, styles and fits. View our trousers in the webshop and enter your preferences using the filter options.

Find the perfect pants
Van Gils attaches great value to detail. Think of special pockets, coloured stitching or a surprising pattern. Which material is best to choose from? Wool does not crease easily and is a good insulator during the winter. Cotton is easy to wash and has different texture. Both materials are very suitable of making high quality trousers. In addition you also have the choice of different fits like, Shaped Fit (extra fitted), Tailored Fit (medium fitted) and Regular Fit (not fitted). Do you want to have tailor-made pants? Our Traveling Tailor is happy to visit you for advice. Fill in the contact form and make an appointment immediately. You can complete your look with a jacket and a shirt

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