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  • AMF stitching

    A stitch to keep the inside of a jacket in place. The advantage of this is that the seams are flat.


  • Crossed stitches

    A cross stitch that is often seen on the Van Gils products.

  • Cashmere

    A luxurious goat wool type from India, Pakistan or China.

  • Chambray

    An irregularly colored fabric that resembles denim in texture.

  • Chino

    Pants mostly or entirely made of cotton. The chino originated in the British and French army in the 19th century.

  • Cargo

    The cargo pants were developed for the army. It is a loose fit that can be recognized by one or more large pockets on the side of the legs 

  • Caban

    A short wool coat


  • Denim

    Denim fabric made of cotton.

  • Duffle coat

    A jacket with a closure that is often referred to in the Netherlands as "houtje-touwtje"


  • Fully lined

    The jacket / suit is fully lined


  • Gingham checked

    An even three-tone check pattern woven on a plain fabric.


  • Half-lined

    Only the upper back, the front and (in some cases) the sleeves of the jacket are lined.


  • Kissing buttons

    Overlapping buttons often on the cuffs.


  • Merinowol

    sheep's wool.


  • Pepita ruit

    A pattern of smaller square diamonds in two colors.


  • Two ply twill

    A type of fabric that is recognizable by a double diagonal stripe pattern.
    Twill is often slightly shiny


  • Unconstructed

    A model with soft shoulders and only lining over the shoulder blades and in the sleeves.

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