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By filling in our contact form, an appointment can be made with one of our Traveling Tailors, within 24 hours our Tailors will contact you and arrive at your home or office at any suitable time, including evenings and weekends. In addittion; our Tailors are available during corporate events where guests can get their suit sizes measured. The first appointment will take up to an hour. If all information is stored, it is possible to re-use this information during succeeding meetings to ensure a quick service.

Within a period of 6 to 7 weeks your new suits will be delivered.

A made to measure suit can be purchased starting at €499,-  with a jacket starting at €379,- and a shirt starting at €129,-.

Check up
A free check up or the repair of buttons, hem and cuff is possible in the first 6 months when purchasing a made-to-measure suit.