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Feel the spring with the Van Gils x Veloretti Bike

Feel the spring with the Van Gils x Veloretti Bike

Spring has sprung! Feel free to grab your bike and commute to work. You’ll arrive full of energy and at the end of the day you’ll be able to slow down and process the day. Let go and enjoy the ride!

It’s hard to predict the weather but let us take care of you, because when drops fall from the sky our wetsuits will keep you dry. We combine fashion with functionality whilst maintaining our well-known quality standards for perfectly tailored suits.

We’re based in The Netherlands since 1948 and never lost the desire to design and create beautiful products that’ll surprise you. If not for the highest quality that we set, then for the ‘fun’ that we add to our collections. Van Gils stands for ‘Always in Style, but never too Serious’.

The guys at Veloretti are a couple of bicycle enthusiasts who want to do things a little differently. They've set out to combine a simple but timeless design with serious craftsmanship. 

Design and Craftmanship... we could definitely relate to that so we teamed up with Veloretti, offering you a stylish ride.

Hurry and guess the weight of the bike and get a chance to this exclusive Van Gils x Veloretti bike.


Enjoy the ride


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