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Morning Routines

These 5 early morning routines recommended by highly successful people will make a difference

Aren’t you often tempted by the warmth and comfort of your bed or endless snooze sessions before you step into the new day? You might want to consider breaking this lazy routine and practice your willpower. It is known as one of the most important habits for individual success, allowing people to design and achieve their best life and become the best version of themselves. 

The willpower to get up early in the morning is one of the seven early morning routines highly successful people impose themselves to. Research showed that willpower isn’t only a skill, it can be trained like a muscle. So a great piece of truth lies within the advice of starting the day always performing the important, hardest things first when willpower is at its strongest. And once willpower becomes stronger, it touches everything! 


Success isn’t achieved by one big step, successful people are very much aware of the work and dedication the road to success requires. Big achievements are built on various smaller, daily based successes, and again, willpower. These 7 morning routines help you to strengthen your willpower and these strict routines are considered to be one of the secrets behind the success of highly successful people.

Set up your alarm clock every day at the same time, even on weekends and days off

Your body clock will stabilise by getting up at the same time, which will help to raise your productivity, improve your sleep and scientifically proven reduces your dependence on caffeine. All this helps you to improve alertness, sharpens your focus, improves your mood and overall your performance. But most of all, starting the day with the conscious choice of waking up early is the best exercise to strengthen your willpower. We all know that little voice in our heads, making you feel guilty about snoozing and not going to the gym because of it. So kick-ass your willpower and win the conquest with your alarm clock and the tempting warmth of your bed. Success isn’t created in between sheets!

Start the day with a five-minute meditation

The benefits of meditation are hard to ignore, they are preached everywhere. It would help anxiety, stop the ‘busy mind syndrome’, improve pain and stress tolerance and helps you focus on positive emotions and experiences. Not too bad! Devoting your first thoughts of the day to this will help you accept things you can not change and create a more realistic perspective on your own life. It’s the perfect training to motivate your willpower for exercise: visualise how working hard and making sacrifices helps you to achieve what you want and they will become the right - and normal - thing to do.

Start the day with a morning workout

Regular workouts and physical activity are the perfect way to calm down our minds, but did you know it also increases the production of hormones that help make you feel happier and can improve your sleep? Your busy daily schedule can make it extra challenging going to the gym on a regular basis, but by starting morning workouts at home you can still make your daily moves. Creating the workout routine also improves your willpower battling daily struggles identifying the important from the urgent matters and helps you become better both physically and mentally.

Sit down for breakfast - and your family

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, so instead of rushing this meal, sit down and enjoy your breakfast. When you have a family, consider this moment as the right moment for quality time. Start the day prioritising people over things. Also taking the time for breakfast results in healthier options for your diet and lifestyle, which will result in better performance. 

Schedule time for self-education

One way to improve yourself is by continuously learning new things; lifelong learning is what defines you. Read a book instead of a newspaper, quiz yourself and yourself on the way to school, listen to a podcast or play Duolingo. Dedicate time for yourself each day and question yourself: what did I learn today? It can be brain food or creative crafts, the art of learning new things will never bore! 

You may already have mastered some of the routines, while you think about others that it will have no effect on you. Give it a chance. If you choose to be better, it will become better. And practising willpower won’t harm anyone. Good luck tomorrow morning!

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